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quick edit: if anyone wants to plot etc lemmie know! I’ll probably send a message to people I previously had threads with or spoke to a lot ooc but if love to get new interactions going!

teen clint and nat interacting more like


"It's not gay if it's on the moon"

Or, a space AU where Clint and Bucky smuggle cargo on their barely manned vessel out on the raggedy edges of space and occasionally fuck on a couple of control consoles.

For Emily’s birthday! With a companion fic by the ever wonderful Sarah.


"Deal, whatever your name is. I’ll show you a real master. You’ll be askin’ me for tips by the time we’re done!"


"Just depends on how ya use it. There’s a lot more you can use a bow for than just shootin’."

"It’s Bucky, call me Bucky. I can call you Clint, yeah? You don’t prefer some showy stage name, or your middle name?"

"And what’s that? You beat them over the head with it?"


[ A familiar voice! So she’s not lost, after all. Yes, the unmistakable Winter Solider. Still — something seems different. Is this a test? ]



Где я должен быть?”

[ He wants to believe this is a dream or a hallucination but she’s staring at him, as cautious as she ever was at that age and his mouth seems to move on its own. ]

Не бродить по своему усмотрению. Мы находимся в Нью-Йорке. Use your English and stay close.

[ He doesn’t have a plan, just the knowledge that she could decide he wasn’t trust worthy and dart off. He has to keep her close and out of trouble. ]


Является ли это миссия? Оно должно быть.

Где я? ]


[ It’s a flash in the corner of his eye and it turns his stomach to lead in an instant.

She’s a child.

                   No, not quite, a teen at least and

                                     after all, there are no children in the Red Room. ]

Наталья, вы не должны быть здесь.

[ The words practically burn his tongue, send bile from his stomach into his throat and oh god he had promised he’d never lie to her like that again. ]

Beast (Acoustic)
Nico Vega
If I love you, is that a fact or a weapon?