He tossed himself onto the couch with a level of ease and grace that many people liked to pretend he wasn’t capable of. It was easier to write him off if they thought he was an idiot or an oaf that couldn’t control his body. He liked being the underdog but he hated being underestimated, it caused a lot of internal confusion. With Bucky it was easier because he only ever tried to make himself seem more imposing.

"She hears you call her that you’ll regret it." Any other time and Clint would have jumped up in defense of her too, right now he was just too tired. "She’s my partner." Or she was. "We’re…she’s not around." The other side of the country was not around, right? It wasn’t totally a lie. "I got bored at home."


"Partner, yeah, sorry." Bucky rolled his eyes and folded his arms across his chest, the sarcasm practically dripping from his words. He was doing it to get a rise out of Clint more than anything else, old habits died hard where he was concerned. They always had.

"Well there’s nothing to do around here either unless you feel like watching the rest of this episode of Game of Thrones I have on the DVR." Bucky was stuck somewhere between enjoying the company and wanting to be alone, a weird state where poking at Clint until he left felt like the best option, though it was one he knew he’d regret as soon as the door swung closed behind the other man.

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He burst in shoulder first the second he was able to and tried to take up as much space as possible in the entryway to Bucky’s apartment. It made him feel better, slightly, to know that was inconveniencing the main even slightly. Which was probably not the best way to start off the night but it was normal and felt better then sitting on his couch thinking about all the way he had left to fuck up.

"Both, I just missed your sparkling personality."


Bucky took half a step backwards, following Clint with his eyes as the other man stomped inside the apartment like he owned the place. He sighed lowly, running a hand through his hair and resigned himself to his fate, closing the front door behind him.

Sparkling, that’s a first. Aren’t there other people you could be bothering right now? Your sidekick?” He squinted at Clint first, then at the state of his apartment, only just remembering the half-empty bottle of whiskey he’d left on the coffee table, hoping Clint wouldn’t feel the need to comment on it.


Normally a few days not hearing from Barnes wasn’t really cause for concern, in fact if anyone asked he’d tell them that it was a bit like a vacation, but truthfully he was worried about his…friend? Teammate. Teammate was easier.

That and he was tired of drinking alone.


"Hey, asshole, you home?"

He still wasn’t used to the sound of his own doorbell, or the heavy thump of a fist against the wood and even less used to the sound of Clint Barton shouting for his attention outside of Avengers duties these days. Bucky cracked open the door to his apartment with a scowl, narrowing his eyes at the other man for a split second before opening the door properly.

"Depends. Did you come over to be annoying or did you just miss my company?"


I’m with you ‘til the end of the line.

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Bless you face, sir


"It's not gay if it's on the moon"

Or, a space AU where Clint and Bucky smuggle cargo on their barely manned vessel out on the raggedy edges of space and occasionally fuck on a couple of control consoles.

For Emily’s birthday! With a companion fic by the ever wonderful Sarah.

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